Electronic Dance music and its hustle.

Electronic music brings the idea of rave American culture as you think about it but that was exactly why the music industry started supporting electronic dance music [EDM] in 2010.EDM is also called as club music or dance music since it is played broadly in night clubs, rave parties and festivals. Basically it is a continuous selection of tracks that is called a mix which is created by DJ’s and transitions are added between two tracks if needed to boost up the feels of the rhythm and a smooth transition takes place keeping the continuity.

EDM cannot be dated back to its origin but in late 90’s it was not really accepted by music industry in America and kept it hostile or saw it as a taboo. But a firm support from all music lovers gave a push to the industry to make itself rich with all the hype. But that soon came to decline as EDM and drugs came together and EDM was associated with drugs so the industry once again gave up the idea of EDM as a mainstream. So after 2010’s music industry attempted to create a specific EDM brand didn’t take a move and it has multiple dance genres, including house, techno, trance, drum and bass as well as their respective subgenres. Dubstep is one of the most famous, emerging and quickly adopted genre in it.
The EDM hype is vast spread with the festivals that are taking place especially college fest’s that is making the youth enthusiastic and more welcoming with the fact that EDM is being accepted openly just like metal or punk.
The production of EDM takes is not too difficult but has to be mastered slowly and neatly. One can use digital work station to make new transition tracks or super beats. The bass is a key element used in EDM, its not necessary to use bass but if used then it should be in right level because less bass ins equivalent to un-real feel where as too much bass can cause damage to the tone. A sound engineer will understand the thick line between the two. So EDM can surely be create by oneself if you have a taste for music.
Some of the current leading EDM DJ’s as per DJ magazine are -Martin Garrix,  Dimitri Vegas and Like Mike, Hardwell, Armin van Buuren, Tiesto, David Guetta, Steve Aoki and Oliver Heldens.